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Welcome to RNET! We are a high technology Electronics and Computer Engineering company developing “cutting edge” software and hardware (both chip-level and board-level) products.

We are a small business located in Dayton, OH (240 W. Elmwood Dr., Suite 2010, Dayton, Ohio 45459-4248; Tel: (937)-433-2886). Please see Location for where we are in Dayton.

As a Small Business, we participate in US government funded SBIR/STTR projects from the Air Force, DARPA, MDA, Department of Energy (DOE), NASA, NSF, etc. 

As a company, we are pursuing advanced R&D and product development in two strategic areas, which are:

  1. Sensors & Surveillance
  2. High performance Computing (HPC)

As part of the Sensors & Surveillance area, we are developing (or have developed) advanced, high-speed (up to 2 GHz pixel-level sampling) ROICs (read out integrated circuits), radiation hardened FPGA and other circuits/devices, and video/imaging software including compression, pixel-based fusion, object tracking, encryption, and watermarking. 

As part of the area, High performance Computing (HPC) area, we have a built a PCI Express 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface card (NIC) with offloading capability. We call this 10 GigE SmartNIC. As part of two on-going DOE-funded projects, we are developing several application-level offload engines and network-level offload engines. Please see SmartNIC for additional information.

RNET will release the 10 GigE SmartNIC product (with drivers and offload engines) in August 2012.

We are also working on a DOE funded project in which we are enhancing and optimizing the PETSc library for mutli-core GPU environments. 

The two pictures below show the on-going projects (green) and some of the completed projects (red).