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Senior Software Designer/Developer

We are in need for a highly-skilled software developer for a Big Data related project. We are developing a data integration and analysis system for large-scale scientific and commercial data, as part of a DOE (Department of Energy) funded project, and in collaboration with industry partners such as LexisNexis. The intended product will allow high-performance and seamless integration of data from various filesystems and data formats into Big Data platforms. The ideal candidate for this position should have several years of experience with software engineering and needs to develop software architecture and integrate with major Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, and coordinate with partners to ensure proper design and integration. The intended candidate should have the following:

  • A B.S. in Computer Science/Engineering (M.S. or higher is highly desired), with a thorough understanding of software design and development process.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, multi-tasking and teamwork skills.
  • The ability to debug and test software thoroughly.
  • The passion for performing research and proposing new ideas for future product expansions and new projects.
  • Strong C/C++ programming skills.
  • Strong Linux-based scripting and programming skills.
  • Experience with parallel / multi-threaded programming and at least one parallel programming library such as POSIX Threads, MPI, Java Multithreading, etc.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Any of the following skills is considered an asset:

  • Experience with Java programming.
  • Experience with Big Data processing systems such as Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Hive and other components of Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Experience with both Enterprise and Open Source software development.
  • Understanding of/experience with traditional and modern database and data-warehouse technologies.
  • Understanding of architecture and hardware features in distributed systems.

Please send copies of your curriculum vitae to Dr. V. Nagarajan, President of RNET.


Senior Research Scientist – High Performance Computing and Big Data

We are in need of a highly skilled computer scientist for performing research and development in the area of High Performance Computing and / or Big Data systems. Currently we are working on a BigData related project developing a novel high-performance low-overhead data access and processing engine for scientific and commercial data types. We are partnered with Big Data provider companies to integrate the product into their platform, such as Hadoop.
An immediate position is available for a computer science graduate (M.S. degree required, but Ph.D. preferred) to work on existing projects (including the abovementioned project). The candidate is also expected to have strong analytical, problem solving, multi-tasking and teamwork skills, and be able to develop ideas for future research projects in the HPC and Big Data fields. The desired candidate needs excellent written and oral communication skills in order to periodically collaborate in writing research proposals to government agencies, national laboratories and commercial partners. Knowledge, good understanding and experience with HPC or Big Data systems and their performance and scalability requirements is required. Particularly, strong understanding of one or more of the following aspects in distributed systems is required:

  • Architectural features, such as large-scale multi/many-core, GPU and NUMA/cluster systems,distributed file/storage systems
  • Interconnection technologies and standards, such as Ethernet and InfiniBand
  • Software libraries and standards, such as messaging libraries, and distributed computing systems
  • Operating systems, particularly kernel, device drivers, virtualization technologies, etc.

As such, the candidate should have strong experience with programming languages, tools and libraries in HPC or Big Data systems, including one or more of the following:

  • C (including embedded and cross-platform programming), C++, and Java
  • Distributed computing tools such as Hadoop and its ecosystem of tools
  • Parallel and network-based programming libraries such as socket programming, MPI, OpenMP,POSIX threads
  • Linux shell scripting and Linux kernel programming

It is also beneficial if the candidate demonstrates experience with one or more of the following: Hadoop tools, commercial storage systems, databases and filesystems, RDMA / InfiniBand, CUDA/OpenCL.

Please send copies of your curriculum vitae to Dr. V. Nagarajan, President of RNET.