New as of 22 March 2014


OrFPGA - A Performance Tuning Tool for FPGA Designs

RNET was awarded a 12-month Phase I STTR from NASA in May 2013. RNET in collaboration with Argonne National Lab (ANL) is developing an empirical performance tuning tool called OrFPGA, which is intended to facilitate automatic performance tuning of FPGA designs in terms of speed, power, and size. It is aimed at improving both performance and productivity by enabling FPGA designers to create simple scripts that will trigger various FPGA performance optimizations for a specific design. OrFPGA will generate various tuned versions of the same design with different designer parameters and evaluate the versions to select the best performing one for production use. This work leverages an existing performance tuning tool called Orio, which was developed by ANL for empirical tuning of compute-intensive kernels for a given hardware architecture.

RNET will be submitting the Phase II proposal on or before 22 May 2014.