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RNET Technologies is pleased to announce the release of iNFORMER Smart, a MapReduce-like API for processing massive Datasets in its Native Format, which is YARN-Ready certified for the Hortonworks Hadoop Platform.


Scientific datasets are typically massive, ranging from hundreds of Gigabytes to many more Terabytes. Traditional approaches to parallelize and process these datasets use MapReduce jobs which become prohibitively expensive. The reasons for these are:

  1. The jobs spend most of their time transforming data to the HDFS filesystem.
  2. The Java based algorithms may also suffer high JVM overheads.

iNFORMER Smart can alleviate or even eliminate these issues since:

  1. It can read files in their native format and obtain the partitioned data directly without having to go through HDFS.
  2. The underlying implementation is in C/C++ and has a lower overhead.
  3. iNFORMER's memory consumption is also lower due to local reductions, which further improves performance (through reduced page faults and data transfers).

Performance Advantages


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RNET's “intelligent” 10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC), known as SmartNIC

The SmartNIC is designed around industry standards to meet the demands of high performance networking. The SmartNIC will enable application-specific offload engines to be developed. The hardware offload engines will improve performance and scalability of high performance applications, including Data Center applications. Peta-scale Parallel File Systems, Bio-Informatics, Remote Data Visualization, Security/Encryption, etc.